Learning Agenda


Are you preparing a training session for your company’s employees or students in your class? Having a learning agenda in place will help you stay on track and make it easier for your visitors to engage in the event entirely.

As soon as you have decided on a schedule for the event, start planning your educational agenda so that you can share it with your visitors and familiarise yourself with the topics.

It is in everyone’s best interest to prepare a learning agenda ahead of time, so gather as much information about the program and make it available to your visitors.

Without offering any information about the event’s purpose or other features, a group of individuals will have a tough time understanding what they’ve been invited to do.

It also benefits preparing you to teach others and your visitors about the kinds of things they may anticipate learning from your lectures. Most educational events aren’t open to the public and have a strict limit on the number of people that may attend.

A Learning Agenda’s Most Important Aspects

  • A specific date, time, and place should be included on the agenda for any learning activities planned.
  • Learning program time must be included in the agenda.
  • Attendees must know what they’re in for ahead of time to be prepared for the meeting when it begins. Because business education is not the same as school education, you cannot adopt a demeanor that can tire your visitors. If you want your visitors to participate and make the event a success, you should instead focus on making the topic exciting and enjoyable.
  • If you have a well-planned day-to-day schedule, your learning program will seem more professional, and, who knows, it may even pique the attention of your visitors.

Writing a learning agenda is not a tough process until you choose to make it one. With only a few minutes of preparation, you’ll have a detailed schedule for the event you’ve planned.

Example of Learning Agenda 1

[From Name of the Individual]

Minutes of Learning Agenda For Contractual Services

1 — Introductions and minutes of the previous meeting.
2 — Matters to be discussed.
3 — The strategic relevance of the learning in the group.
4 — Update service information and details of contract manager.
5 — Q n A assessments.
6 — Performance data.
7 — Feedback from invitees.
8 — Questions and concerns.
9 — Any agenda items requested by the invitees.
10 — Any other business.
11 — Adjournment.

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Example of Learning Agenda 2

An Internal Learning Agenda for Blended Learning

Phase 1 – Kickoff [Can Be Conducted Live Or Online] – Time Allotted Two Hours

Understand why the participants are present for the learning.
Logistics of the program.
An overview of the methodology.
Choosing a project.
Defining the project.
Introduction to the house.
Kickoff session agenda

Sponsor kickoff.
Why we are here.
What are we looking to accomplish?
Project discussion.

Have each person discuss the project they have selected.
Discuss whether the project is the foundation for the online learning program.
Program logistics.

Questions and next steps.
Discuss any questions or open issues.
Have every person select a consulting partner for a learning experience.

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