Marketing Meeting Agenda


Organizations marketing teams must come up with new approaches to bringing in new clients and increasing their profits. Marketing departments have to regularly work together and create new ideas and tactics to succeed.

Marketing department meetings might go for hours on occasion. In certain cases, the purpose of the meeting is unknown to some of the participants. Having an agenda for marketing meetings would make it simpler for all attendees to engage, which is something that marketing departments should explore.

While there is no predetermined timeframe when it comes to business campaigns, in most cases, they are scrambling to meet deadlines. Marketers must prepare an agenda in advance of every meeting, no matter how much they loathe getting together with their colleagues.

Having a short description of the meeting and accommodating any adjustments that the marketing department deems necessary would be the goal of the agenda, which would also be adaptable.

It is also critical that everyone attending the meeting has a general notion of what will be discussed. Entering a meeting without a plan might end in pandemonium and no real progress.

It would be preferable for the company and the marketing department to have a marketing meeting agenda and specify the conversations that need to be addressed rather than have a meeting of this sort, which serves no purpose.

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For the marketing department’s benefit, the meeting’s agenda is tailored to include just those knowledgeable in marketing.

When considering tactics that call for greater financial resources, marketing departments have been known to seek the finance department’s assistance. Because of this, the marketing department’s agenda should be flexible enough to allow it to be utilized to invite people from other departments if the need arises.

What to think about when making a meeting agenda for a marketing meeting

  • The date and hour of the meeting, as well as the venue.
  • The people who have been invited to participate in the discussion.
  • Specify the purpose of the meeting, such as a brainstorming session on new marketing ideas.
  • To discuss the results of a new strategy that has been implemented in the market.
  • To think about how much money will be spent on different techniques.
  • Additional conversations as deemed necessary.

Each issue should have enough time allotted for its discussion and must be included in a meeting’s agenda for the meeting to go well. It’s best to keep non-essential items off the agenda since they can be dealt with later.

Example of Marketing Meeting Agenda 1

Marketing Committee Meeting Agenda

[From First Community Credit Union],

5:30 PM — Call to order.
5:35 PM — Marketing budget for the year.
A) Budget carried over from the previous year.
B) Budget for the forthcoming year.
5:45 PM — Marketing plan for the forthcoming year.
A) Marketing objectives.
I. Business recruitment – incentives, land available, and assistance.
II. Community name recognition.
III. Amenities and family recruitment.
B) Community support and matching grants.
I. Hills partners in marketing offering a marketing plan grant of $2500 for the total project of $5500.
Business recruitment grant of $2300 for a total grant of $22,000 for the project.
II. Mayport grant.
Marketing plan grant of $3000 for the total project of $5000.
Business equipment grant of $2300 for the total project of $22,000.
III. Other communities.
C) Countrywide marketing
I. Newman billboard offering $19,000 for an annual contract.
II. Constructing, renting, and printing billboard for Buxton and Hillsborough commercial property for approximately $15,000.
D) Organizational marketing
I. Local advertising describing of organization for $2500 per year.
II Quarterly newsletter printing and mailing for $500 per year.
6:30 PM — Adjournment.

Example of Marketing Meeting Agenda 2

Marketing Vendor Meeting Agenda

[from The Vashon Farmers Market]

Vendor meeting agenda

6 PM to 6:30 PM — potluck and socializing.
6:40 PM — welcome and introduction.
6:45 PM to 7:30 PM — information
– FAP program changes [10 minutes] presented by [name of the individual].
Issue reminders for WIC applications which are due at the end of next month.
– Fresh vendor rules and accounting [10 minutes] presented by [name of the individual]
– quarterly Viga booth at the market [10 minutes] presented by [name of the individual]
– recycling grant of $500, volunteers needed.
– Reimagining the market [10 to 15 minutes] presented by [name of the individual]
marketing committee meetings and incubator.

7:30 PM to 8:20 PM — conversation
– filing of the gaps in the product mix in the market to understand what is missing
– feedback on the holiday market and the Wednesday market.
– Suggestions requested for other ideas on the market from members.

8:20 PM to 8:30 PM — cleanup and adjournment.


Agendas for marketing meetings are not only a guide for the marketing team members, but they also allow them to evaluate the performance of their tactics in the market.

As a part of the marketing team, this is a vital role since it allows the success of the team’s initiatives to be shared with other members.

If a marketing plan is successful, the finance department will give the marketing team more money to create and execute new strategies that will help the company earn more income.

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