Starting Cafe Amul Franchise (Amul Parlour) In India

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Cheese and Butter have been involved in Indian culture from millions of years till now. Right from the narrative periods and possibly even before that, these have engaged an essential place in our foods. Many other food components which are symbols of Indian food also have continued our favorites for thousands of years now.

How to Start Cafe Amul (Amul Parlour) Franchise

Such food components that speak for India across the world are real ambassadors of the rich and varied food culture in India. Café Amul is one of the greatest foods Franchise in India that conserved the superb food culture of India.

Is becoming a Cafe Amul Franchise in India is a beneficial business?

Amul is a brand that is in continuation for many decades now. It has achieved the hearts of millions of people who resides into the different generations. Right from oldie people to today’s youngsters Amul products have been the first option when they think of when they feel like relishing quality foods.

Amul has convinced millions of customer with its greatest level of quality that many decline to drift to other brands associating with identical products.

Food industry has always expanded through ages. As long as craving is felt the durability of food industry is precise. Regardless of the solid competition in the food industry, brands that give huge quality healthy food sustain winning over competition uniformly. The fact remnants that Indian foods Franchise have been operating acutely well both in India as well as abroad.

Cafe Amul treated as one of the best QSR Food Franchise in India fights in a inflexible manner with the foreign brands that are trying to settle themselves in India. Amul presently has more than 6000 Franchisees in India is outlining to spread further in the forth coming years. Amul total yearly turnover is nearly ten thousand crores and this combines business from the Franchise also

Amul is one of those popular brands that have settled themselves well for many decades now. Right from the period it was concerning with milk products till date when it has developed its product line extremely Amul has its own exclusive place in the food industry. Preserving in the hugely competitive food industry for so many decades goes to confirm the progress of Amul as a brand.

All the above aspects about the greatly admired brand called Amul are indicators to the achievement one can achieve when they become the Franchise of the brand. Nevertheless diversified their business is in today’s scheme, the brand name Amul will bring the business through towards progress and effectiveness.

Cost of Investment and area requirements to become a Cafe Amul Franchise

The total cost of investment to become an Amul Franchise is approximately 30 Lakhs. This money investment consist of purchase of apparatus needed to initiate a Amul Franchise like Chest coolers, Middleby Marshall Pizza Oven, Deep freezer, Dosa Maker, Scooping cabinet, Hot and cold Bain Maries, Visicooler and Sandwich grillers.

While the area needed for starting an Amul Franchise is nearly 1000 square feet to 1500 square feet the break of this area is precisely mentioned by Amul. Amul recommends to us 1000 square feet to be used as supposed area out of the total 1500 square feet needed.

Out of the 30 Lakhs, 11 Lakhs is used to purchase kitchen apparatus, 16 Lakhs as premises putting up cost and balance 3 Lakhs towards Royalty Fee which is also treated as Brand Deposit.

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