Student Appeal Letter

Appeal Letter

An appeal letter aims to seek something from a higher authority, as implied by the name. It may be written in any setting but not in an official capacity.

In an appeal letter, a student may address their grievances either to those in authority inside the academic institution or to those in control outside of it.

In addition to requesting an extension of time to turn in an assignment, students may also use an appeal letter to request permission to miss a semester due to illness or another relevant issue.

Finally, students may use an appeal letter to demand the prosecution of a fellow student who has committed a criminal offense or requests a pardon. Here are a few hints and a letter example to get you started.

Student Appeal Letter Writing Tips

  • There is no wiggle space here. If the student wishes to appeal, they must be specific in their statement and the grounds.
  • Additionally, the letter must keep a professional tone to be taken seriously.
  • Make sure your facts are stated clearly. If you mix them up, your plea will have no impact.
  • Ensure the authorities understand your side of the story by being honest and genuine in your letter.

Student Appeal Letter Template

Use our free Student Appeal Letter to help you get started. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.






Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject:_______________________(Mention the purpose)

Respected _______(Name)

I am _____ (Your Name). I am a student at _________(mention the institution) and am writing this letter to bring to your notice the injustice that has been committed in regard to the ______(mention the case). Firstly, the rule book states that_______(mention the rule) and secondly, I had provided a prior notice to ______(mention the person concerned).for the cause of providing justice to me by allowing me to go back to my class and make up for the lost classes. Let me inform you that I have not done anything wrong intentionally and yet still forcibly made to suffer all these atrocities on account of the unfortunate stand taken by the teacher in this regard. Hope you may consider my appeal and execute justice

Keeping in mind that I had done my duty by following the protocol for ______(mention the case) I request you to look into this situation and come to a fair decision. I have attached a copy of the notice with this letter.

Thanking you,


Name and signature

Sample Letter

The following is a sample Student Appeal Letter.



COLLEGE Address..
Date: February 12, 2001


The Principal,

Sharma High School,

Cambridge, USA

Subject: Appeal letter

Dear Mr harpreet,

I am a 10th-grade student at your school. I am writing to bring to your notice my unfair and unjust expulsion fo the Physics class by Mr. Fetzer, on the grounds of inattentiveness. In my defense, I would like to point out that fo the past two semesters I have been scoring the top grade and only last week I was chosen to represent the school at the city Science Fair. Kindly place before you my case of being unjustifiably suspended from the class for two days by the physics teacher. The complaint that he made against me is that I am careless and not attentive to his class. This is not true. As you can see in the last two quarterly exams, I was one of the toppers in his paper. He is still acting in a partisan way to degrade my morale.

Mr Fetzer is using ridiculous reasons for justifying his action. He is under the impression that I was trying to disrupt his lecture when I happened to ask a valid question in front of the class and he was unable to reply to it satisfactorily. I request you to have a word with him and cancel my suspension.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


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Email Format

The following is an Email Format to be followed for Student Appeal Letters.



Subject: Appeal Letter

Dear _____(name of the receiver),

I, the undersigned student on behalf & as a representative of my class _____________; in relation to the subject, would kindly request you to change the dates of our internal examinations scheduled for a couple of subjects on the same day within a couple of weeks.

Since we have been working really hard for these exams we would like to sit for all of them and not postpone any for the next semester. It is very unfortunate that the schedules have been mixed up but it is our sincere request that you look urgently into this matter.

Thanks & Regards.

Student Representative.

_______(name of the sender)

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